"Fall Leaves"

Hand stitched log cabin patchwork with 1970's era sequins and seed pearls. Selected for the "Winner's Circle" joint exhibit by Capitol Hill Arts League at "Frame of Mine" gallery, Washington DC. The exhibition runs from November 7 to December 12, 2020




A Halloween themed photo taken on a foggy morning with the still milky sun hardly reflecting on the water. 

In September 2020, the CHAL art challenge was "circular".

What circular object is on everyone's mind : the coronovirus.

Nature provided the materials for this 7' diameter land art, and nature's wind, water and sand will obliterate it within days. Oh it were as easy to do the same to Covid-19!


Members' reactions:

Spiritual, lovely, brilliant J. L. 

Really creative and awesome M. M.

What a wonderful creation T. H. 

Very thoughtful and inspiring. Great great!!! D. H.

Wonderful piece, gorgeous K. M. 

The shadow one evokes the possibility of death E. W. 





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